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A part time finance director is a cost effective way of accessing commercially focussed finance support. We want to see small businesses improve and grow with control and understanding of their numbers. A small business is likely to be interested in our on the job training and will certainly benefit from our part time finance director services which will address the areas below.

Forecasting and planning

Helps you know where you are going and how you might get there.

Putting plans together is not a precise science but provides a stake in the ground for decision making. A flexible plan will be changed as more information come to light, and experience is gained, so that the best way to achieve future objectives is constantly being evaluated. 

Our helpsheet on Planning may help you get going in this area.

Management reporting

Regular review of the financial reports and other management information lets you know if you are getting to where you want to go.

It is essential to ensure the timeliness, accuracy and appropriateness of all management information if it is to inform decision making. You might identify ways of saving business money or just of using it more effectively. Learning how management decisions impact the financial results is a key way small businesses improve their profits.

Our helpsheets on KPIs and Cash Control will give you some actions you can implement yourself.

Finance management and control

Over the years finance folk have identified key controls that can be in place to ensure the accuracy of the financial information. Staff throughout the organisation will play a part in ensuring their smooth operation.

Our Controls helpsheet outlines some of the controls we consider to be key.

Process review and redesign

Processes are there to ensure consistent and accurate delivery of tasks. Having tasks documented not only relieves some of the pressure on those performing them but massively reduces the risk of problems during holiday and sickness breaks. Having a second pair of eyes to review the processes can also be an effective way of identifying efficiencies and hence ultimately saving business money.

Some thoughts on routine Processes are available in one of our helpsheets.



Finance Management services
Our Finance Management services are available on a pay as you go basis. Our pricing is based on a number of factors that give you control of the costs and we would agree a budget with you in advance of doing the work.
Help sheets
We have helpsheets available on a number of subjects to give you some ideas of areas you can look at or get us involved in. Please contact us for the ones you feel would be most helpful
Our clients
if you want to find out more about how a-count-a-bility has helped other small businesses and what some of the business owners have to say about us then please read the case studies and testimonials