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About us

a-count-a-bility is headed by Caroline Billington, a fully qualified Chartered Accountant with over 15 years experience of working in a variety of commercial and charitable entities.

For over 3 years she has been working as a part time FD improving small business performance. Where she is unable to meet a business needs she is happy to point owners in the right direction and liaise with fellow members of FinanceHeads if appropriate .

About our offering

Our focus is on making financial expertise accessible to SMEs to help them look forward towards achieving their objectives. We work as a partner to the business owner helping improve small business chance of financial success.

a-count-a-bility does not provide bookkeeping, tax or year end accountancy services. We will work with the providers of these services but with a focus on generating and interpreting the information the business owner needs for ongoing management of the business. We will even look at delivering business efficiency solutions through the finance function.

We offer as much or as little input as is required at a particular time which makes this cost effective support for a growing small business.

About our brand

We often use gardening analogies (and pictures) to express business issues in everyday language. We believe that Finance is Fun and should be accessible to all - why not read our blog.

Our name reflects the fact that we are a-count-a-ble to our clients in helping them define and achieve their financial objectives.

We are also a-count-a-ble to the world around us and the impact our businesses, and we as individuals, have on it.

Finally, the = reflects the numerical nature of our business and the fact that we want to work alongside you to increase your chances of financial success.


Our credentials
icaewWe are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Click for more information about ICAEW.


Client charter
Read our commitment to our customers and partners. What can you expect from working with a-count-a-bility?
Sustainability at a-count-a-bility
Download our full sustainability policy.